Sunday, January 6, 2013


Happy New Year Blogger Family
Happy Happy New Year!!!!!!!
Much love, Happiness, and Prosoerity!
For myself I am hoping for Healthy, Happy, Successful, Artistic, Family/Student Oriented Year.
I'd like to finish, unfinish projects.
I'd like to Design Doll Pattern of my Kinfolks, Lord knows I have many Characters in my Family.
(Can you say,"Reality Show") LOL!
I'd like to make more Dolls.
I'd like to teach more classes.
I'd like keep up by blogging at lease once a week.
Saving the Best for Last,
Let me not forget to say, THANK YOU!!!
For all the kind words and giving my Dolls wonderfull New Homes.
That's Apple Cider. LOL

Lots of BLESSING, Stormyweather

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